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Cleaning Tips for Fabulous People

Cleaning Tips for Fabulous People

I am GREAT but I am also a mess. Genius interior decorator Ryan Korban shares how one can quickly get the upper hand.

Create Organized Stacks
Neatly stack magazines and books—the most common culprits of
clutter—against walls or on tables, and top with a pretty little
objet, like a bud vase or decorative figurine. For more visual impact,
Korban loves the unexpectedly striking, artistic effect of grouping
books together by both color and size.

Throws Fix Everything
An oversized throw is a great instant-fix for messy couches and
rumpled beds—the plusher, the better. Korban’s favorite is thick-pile
Mongolian fur, which, besides looking ridiculously-luxurious, has so
much texture that it basically blankets out any underlying lumps or

Repurpose Holders
As owner of a high-end shoe store, Korban found himself regularly
surrounded by dressy-looking sturdily constructed shoeboxes. Rather
than toss them, he turned them into impromptu filing cabinets that can
fit in pretty much any space you put them. Larger boot boxes work
brilliantly for DVD’s and CD’s; smaller ones are ideal for things like
makeup, bills, tools—any kind of knick-knack. Korban’s favorite
shoebox: Azzadeine Alaia: “They look so chic, and come with this cool
buckle that cinches the lid on.”

Artfully Arrange Hooks
To give a quick home to the usual slung-around objects, cots, scarves,
blankets, etc, find some good-looking hooks that look almost
decorative on the wall— Korban loves Restoration Hardware’s,
high-gloss nickel ones—and install them in rows of three by
any door or entryway, and inside closets.

Lots of Small, Chic Trashcans
Don’t rely on one big, hulking trashcan for the disposal of everyday
bits and pieces—an assortment of smaller, chic-looking ones and
scattered around all sorts of rooms encourages up-to-the-minute
clutter removal (i.e., that discarded envelope and fistful of
scribbled-on post-its that usually reside on the floor.).

Merchandise Toiletries
All it takes is a little design-y re-arranging to make a mess of
beauty products look really glamorous, like a display in a department
store. All you need is a tray. Korban like the rich look of a
mirrored, chrome, or reflective surface, that’s smaller in size (no
more than a foot long, 4-6 inches wide).  Group larger items in the
back, smaller ones in the front, and pop the tray on the back of the
toilet, on a console, or atop drawers.

Layer up Rugs
Throw rugs make great disguises for dirty floors, since basically
all hard floor-surfaces show off any little drip, stick or ball of
fluff the second it comes into existence. Korban suggests layering
several—starting with a large, print-splashed style like a Persian,
which can take quite a bit of wear and tear before looking unclean,
and topping with smaller ones made of a textured material like cowhide, which you can
quickly and easily grab and shake the dust off of.

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